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September themes

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I've noticed that introducing the themes has had an unfortunate side effect of killing all the other posts. I know that I have not posted about things I should have. So I would like to make a little change in our arrangement - post about things as you go. Tried this new chai recipe today - let us know. The experiment failed - let us know why so we could avoid the mistakes. The discussion post were nice, but a lot of detail was lost because we concentrated everything in one post. We are sharing experiences after all.

Chai theme is over. I don't know about you, but the experimenting is not over for me and I hope to share with you the results.

This time I would like to give you two themes.

1) I read from somewhere that every Chinese knows that you drink floral tea in spring, green tea in summer, oolong in autumn and black tea in winter. It is autumn in the Northern hemisphere. I suggest we find time to drink some oolong before it's winter.

2) This one is for a shorter theme like chai was. Autumn is time for apples. Make use of them. Add them to your tea, experiment some more with chai, iced tea with apple juice, whatever strikes your fancy. Let's say you have time till the end of the month.

Here are two recipes if you have trouble finding your own.

Green tea with apples for one

300g of apple pieces or apple peals boil on low heat for 15 minutes. Poor on green tea leaves and let steep.

Ginger apple tea for 4

6dl water
2tsp green tea
3cm fresh ginger
2 green apples
2dl apple juice

Heat the water till it boils. Add tea, sliced ginger and apple. Let steep for 5 minutes, drain and add apple juice. Serve.

I'm always open for theme suggestions. Or any suggestions really.
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